EVENT 2018C Future Festival



The conference theme of this year is Future City. We will attempt to reflect on the laws and trends from individuals to the environment, growth to consumption and brand to industry together with creative people, designers and managers all over the world through forums and urban practice projects to establish a practical model of the future city and explore the construction insight of both China and the world's future city. 

In the process of rapid urbanization in China, more and more challenges and opportunities are at hand. As we discuss the creativity-driven changes in consumption, industrial and cultural upgrade, we should realize that it is never a simple issue that single factor change can lead to a qualitative change in the industry. Each element constituting urban structure: education, consumption, manufacturing, space, culture and policy interact with each other. To understand the law, we attempt to put the best creative thinking in the world into the necessary parts of urban development, observe and obtain the phenomena and opportunities inspired by it: the upgrade of supply and demand, the awakening of cultural awareness, the update of urban form, etc. These changes provide the raw materials and kinetic energy for the construction of the future city, which inevitably contains unlimited business opportunities.

Creative City
Cultural Consumption Destination
Driven by Design
Aesthetic Education
Entertainment Innovation
Digital Art


  • 2018.04.23
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