TEDxShenzhen 1st Annual Conference “Wonder”

TEDxShenzhen 1st Annual Conference “Wonder”

In 2017, C Future Lab and TEDxFutian (the predecessor of TEDxShenzhen) jointly held:

“Reconnect” TEDxFutian 2017 Annual Conference

In 2018, C Future Lab and TEDxFutian jointly held:

“Outlier” TEDxFutian 2018 Annual Conference

In 2019, C Future Lab once again rendered support to TEDxShenzhen to hold:

TEDxShenzhen 1st Annual Conference “Wonder”

Wonder contains two meanings, wonderful and wondering.

Looking back on the past, we have witnessed one after another miracle in Shenzhen. From 1979 till 2019, Shenzhen set off a craze of new times. The mission assigned to the city allows us to see the towers springing up, the innovation being continuously explored and the non-stop steps of the fighters from other places as well. The miraculous beautiful new world has soared to the peak and continued to move forward.

Today, we are standing at the crossroad of the times once again and Shenzhen is also going to be assigned with a new mission - we are expected to embrace the common future of mankind together with the world, to embrace infinite possibilities and uncertainties; to embrace potential innovation, reforms and even breakthroughs; and perhaps to embrace the nature of things, leading us to seek the light in our heart amid the darkness on our journey. Facing so many uncertainties, we are wondering where the wave of the times will lead and what path is Shenzhen going to follow.

It’s a wonder,

and we wonder…

It is the best of times, it is the worst of times. We might be nobody, or somebody, or free, or strong, but we are all living our life with true hearts and efforts, being tested by the wave of times.

At this annual conference, 14 thinkers from different areas, including science and technology, arts, humanity and social sciences, expounded their imagination of the theme “Wave” and shared their thoughts and perceptions about different areas.


Speech Guests
Performance Guests

XY Pattern (Xu Xiaoguo+Li Yanzeng)

Combining experimental sound and interactive video, the sound art team XY Pattern brought a visual and audio feast for the audience. They used intricate space to build a “digital jungle” for the site audience and expressed their understanding of “Wonder” through the music scene named “Jungle”. At the same time, they created an open passage for the audience, leading everyone to listen to unknown sound and feel the thrill of touching boundaries. The team hopes to make everyone pick up their respect for individual sensory system through sound art and collect self-perception to create new possibilities amid their experience.

Like all the speakers, the performance artists used their own forms to display their thoughts on the topic, engaging everyone in more proactive exploration of the interaction between technology and nature.


The 33SPACE cross-media performance team IZEN created a journey to the discovery of sound. Sound artist Ye Po and professional dancers Zhou Guidong and Liu Jingyun jointly interpreted the primitive space in spiritual consciousness and built the pure harmony among time, body and vibration frequency towards the realm of integration and silence.

During the breaks of the speeches, Self-perceived Weight and LEM, videos by the artist Liu Di, and Drums • Shadow - 2047 Apologue, with DOBOT providing AI robot arm technology, all demonstrate arts’ different way of thoughts on the times, nature, technology and individuals.

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