TEDxFutian 2018 Annual Conference: Outlier

TEDxFutian 2018 Annual Conference: Outlier

Outlier Is The Beginning of A Change

Coming from statistics, the term “outlier” refers to “an abnormal value” that is very much bigger or smaller than the next nearest data point. When the behaviors of most people form established curves, these “abnormal values” deviating from the “average values” drive people to continuously think about things. 

The group of “abnormal” minority stays independent in thinking and acting without being restricted by the universal values. Despite not being understood by most people, they lead human development and social reforms at different degrees.

At TEDxFutian 2018 Annual Conference, we are going to invite the outliers of different fields to explore together with the audience into the science and technology that brings infinite possibilities, thought-provoking humanistic and artistic concepts, very forward-looking scientific perspectives and design mindsets that inspire boundless creativity. The most importantly, we will jointly explore how to perceive the unknown that is full of possibilities from different perspectives. 


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