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C Future Festival, sponsored by Shenzhen Design Week, held by C Future Lab of Zhongzhou Group, guided by Propaganda Department of Nanshan District Committee of Shenzhen, had its opening ceremony at the center section of Zhongzhou Holding of Shenzhen Bay Ave, Nanshan District, Shenzhen.

The unpredictable large outdoor new media device Gravity Tower, voice and light balloon Light Bubble responding by photoelectric change after collision, communication device Neomotion having emotion “translation” for experiencers’ expression… and much more other cool things. At 8pm on April 20th, a new media art exhibition “Remix Garden”, including devices, images, voices, theaters, etc, totally 12 groups of art form works was put on excellently.

It is introduced that 2018 Shenzhen Design Week was sponsored by Shenzhen municipal government and held by Shenzhen Association for Foreign Cultural Exchange and municipal promotion office of design city. As one important link of 2018 Shenzhen Design Week, C Future Festival integrated cutting-edge science and technology and aesthetic creation together, and carried out “a experiment on future city” in Shenzhen from April 20th to May 4th through new media art exhibition, academic forum, art workshop, and other forms, discussing the future design tendency of Shenzhen city space under science and technology theme and brining new influence for Shenzhen in global municipal public space design field.

“Remix Garden” new media art exhibition was the opening link of this C Future Festival and was open to the citizen for free from April 20th to May 4th. In the opening ceremony, artist Cao Yuxi, and Radugadesign addressed as representatives. The head of C Future Lab Lv Hua pointed out that thought Zhongzhou is just a city construction developer, Zhongzhou wishes to attracts the wise all the world to conduct a “experiment on future city” through Zhongzhou C Future Lab and this C Future Festival in Shenzhen city space construction as well as future city form exploration.

Artists gathered together at Remix Garden for recreation

Remix is a method for music recreation: have adding, removal, replacement and reconstruction and do other operations for various elements in music works; there is always some amazing, subtle and even remaining correspondence between new works and old works. Here, we use the method of remix to respond to the naturally generated overlapping form in city development—the existed rules, orders and textures are being broken continuously and various new ecologies are being produced and mixing together with original foundations. Our city is just experiencing remix every day, either slowly or fast.

can view the city as a garden or ecology of a certain format, including economy, politics, culture, and other different aspects. Urbanization is a process of continuous formatting. Various unpredictable format update within the system is updating various plates and fractures appears on various dimensions: time fracture, memory fracture, culture fracture…However, among them, format relics of different age are left, just like a archaeological site of different ages.

We try to remix city form through art remix. The works are presented without isolation, but implanted in or overlapped on large space layout. We view the whole city as a non-traditional garden, a large but abstract space work. However, the appearance of single or series of works just becomes the specific elements in the remix garden. For example, rockery, flowers and grasses, bridges, pavilions and other general existences just form a scenery system with time and space leaping, while the visitors just walk through it and the scenery changes while the visitors walk on.

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C Future Lab - SUPERNOVA Forum

2018.04.23 Monday 14:00

At SUPERNOVA Forum themed “Human at the Crossroads of Technology and Art”, more than 10 pioneers focusing on interdisciplinary technology and art from around the globe shared their thoughts on the future picture of Shenzhen in a number of areas, including media reform, collective intelligence, network media, ecosystem, social innovation, cultural economy and city life.

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