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C Future City is an experimental project during the exploration of C Future Lab on the future urban morphology. The project is located in Dajinsha District, Hongshu Bay, Futian, Shenzhen, which is a comprehensive city project with more than 3 million square meters.

With the project concept of "Consolidate Global Wisdom, Create Future City", C Future City constantly tries to integrate more international intelligence into urban planning, design, and operation, and it explores the cross-field integration of science, technology, art, and nature. Aiming at building a inspiring area beyond physical space, and further build a future city which fulfills the cultural needs of both material and mentality for modern citizens.


Shenzhen And Shenzhen Bay

Shenzhen,A Young Miracle

Shenzhen is one of the most developed first-tier cities and the most important special economic area in China. After more than 40 years of rapid development, it has become an important node for communication between China and the rest of the world. It is also the youngest international city in the Asia-Pacific region and one of the most dynamic and internationally competitive cities. China’s development is a miracle in the world, while Shenzhen’s development is a miracle in China.

Shenzhen Bay, World-class Coastal CBD

Located at the core of the city, gathering seven core business districts, with strong economic strength, Shenzhen Bay to Shenzhen is of the same importance as Manhattan to New York. This project is located in the Dajinsha district, linking Futian central CBD and Bay CBD, building the surrounding area the world's most competitive world-class coastal CBD.

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C Future City

Another Core CBD in Shenzhen

The project is about 6 kilometers away from Shenzhen Bay headquarters, covering 117.40 hectares with a total construction area about 4.5-5.5 million square meters. The leading functionality will be based on the top official business from headquarters office at the various kinds of industry chains, and supplemented by serving the international conference, exhibition, cultural communication, information exchange, business and apartment functions as well.


Area Upgrading and Potential Unlimited

The Dajinsha area, where the project is located, will be invested 30 billion yuan and will be gradually transformed into a new industrial bay area, which is dominated by intelligent cultural industries and science& technology innovation industries. After the renovation, it will contain 3.5 million square meters of residential buildings and 4.12 million square meters of office space, making it another core CBD in Shenzhen.

Details about C Future City
  • Scale:1,260,000 ㎡
  • Property types:Shopping Mall、Hotel 、Retail Street、Office Tower 、Apartments、Condominium
  • Designer:Aedas、CCD、TODAFUKEI、 teamLab、Patrick Blanc
  • Shopping Area:160,000㎡   「 Shopping Mall  :80,000㎡((Three floors above ground, two floors underground )、 Retail Street :80,000㎡ 」
  • Opening Date:2021
Working, Living and Entertainments Combined in One

Transportations and Commutations

Multiple Transportations Link the Whole City

  • The north side connects Binhe Avenue, one of the three main roads in Shenzhen; and it can reach the Guangzhou-Shenzhen highway in 3 minutes’ drive.
  • Surrounded by Four metro lines, Shangsha1 Station (Line 7) and Xiasha Station (Line 9), connected seamlessly
  • 35 bus lines gathered at Xiasha bus terminal station and Xiasha bus station.
  • 10 minutes' drive to Futian Port and 15 minutes' drive to Shenzhen Bay Port.

From Tencent Location Big Data :Shangsha, Xiashathermodynamic chart

Huge Consumption Power Surrounds

The project influences 830,000 potential consumers within 2 square kilometers, including 330,000 businessmen in Chegongmiao and 500,000 permanent residents, bringing strong regional consumption power.Average daily passenger flow is about 830,000/2square kilometers.

Daily Traffic Volume:830,000 / 2k㎡



The project combines the characteristics of Shenzhen city, integrates "art, nature, science and technology" into the urban public space design, based on high-quality products and services, supplemented by high-quality content operation, to create a new generation of combined urban public space that simultaneously meets the cultural needs of material and mentality for modern urban citizens.

30,000 Square Meters, The City's Largest Plant Garden

The block-type plant garden is built by French plant design master Patrick Blanc, includes more than 2,000 kinds of special plants that are distributed in blocks, sunken plaza, indoor shopping malls, and other places, becoming a super-large urban plant garden integrating walking, amusement, teaching, and other functions.

Ten Theme Squares

Science, technology, and art run naturally through the overall project design [construct future urban art experience, explore urban land art, and introduce artistic ecology into living areas]

Seven Artistic Spaces

Bringing together Chinese and foreign works of art and integrating them into future cities to create abundant thematic art exhibitions

Not only Physical Space but also Birthplace for High Quality Contents.
Consolidate Global Wisdom, Create Future City. 
Global Practice Team
混合园林_Remix Garden_线上海报
混合园林_Remix Garden_线上海报

Remix Garden


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TEDxFutian 2018 Annual Conference: Outlier

2018.08.26 Sunday 14:00-20:00

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2018 C Future City Launch

2018.04.21 Saturday 20:00

At the 2018 C Future City Launch, the “C Future City” plan was released by “C Future City”, together with a group of pioneers in the fields of top creative, science and technology, art, design and nature, as well as more than 1,000 industrial intellects. They declared that they will develop a city sample in the future form of Shenzhen, unveiling an experiment about future cities and drawing industrial and even social attention.

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