• Askul
  • Office equipment supplies and suppo rt services, Japan
  • Packaging design
  • 2017
  • Exhibits: table and shelf items.

Askul keeps Japan stocked with everything it needs to work, from paper, pens and batteries to bags, chairs, tools, coffee and noodles. Founded in 1963, it sells more than 40,000 products through its website and catalogue, and delivers any of them, anywhere in Japan, within 24 hours. Askul has everything. But in 2005, it was looking for something new. Askul wanted to establish a clear, compelling visual identity for its own-brand products. With the shared Japanese and Swedish design values of simplicity, clarity and economy in mind, and the benefit of a fresh set of eyes from outside Japan, Askul asked SDL to take a holistic approach to redesigning its brand identity.

sdl-web-askul-09-3000x2000-2000x1333 sdl-web-askul-09-3000x2000-2000x1333

The website is currently a beta version.

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