#01 Wästberg
  • Wästberg
  • Lighting company, Sweden
  • Visual identity
  • 2013
  • Exhibits: screen content and lamp.

Lighting company Wästberg emerged from a young Swedish man’s precocious insight — that man had been deprived of private spheres in a misguided pursuit of efficiency and standardisation. Wästberg wanted to bring back light to human proximity. After ten years of activity, Wästberg has now left its own private sphere — to be considered as an established player in, and for, the public eye. Expressed through the combination of aesthetics, cutting-edge technology and resource conservation.

The collaboration with Wästberg is ongoing, the first results could be experienced at the Stockholm Furniture and Lighting Fair 2020 and on

#02 Daylight&Architecture
  • Daylight&Architecture
  • Magazine
  • Editorial design
  • 2013
  • Exhibits: table items.

It’s the greatest achievement of a brand for its name to become interchangeable with a species of product. Velux is one that can rank up there with Coke, Xerox and Post-It. Since installing its first roof window in Denmark in 1941, the company has brought daylight and air to dark attics and roofspaces across the world.

Velux asked Stockholm Design Lab to refresh its brand identity and carry out an overhaul of its internal and external communications. A key element of the new strategy was a branded magazine that would explore and celebrate not just Velux products or their contribution to architecture, but the much wider issue of daylight in buildings and in our lives.

sdl-web-DaylightArchitecture-02-2000x1333 sdl-web-DaylightArchitecture-02-2000x1333

The website is currently a beta version.

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