#01 Askul Medical & Care
  • Askul Medical & Care
  • Office equipment supplier, Japan
  • Identity and packaging design
  • 2005
  • Exhibits: table items.

Askul Medical & Care is a catalogue sales business for ordinary medical care supplies with next-day delivery. SDL created a comprehensive packaging program, similar to the work for Askul, with a design differentiating from the competitors. Highlighting the most essential.

#02 Svenskt Tenn
  • Svenskt Tenn
  • Furnishing company, Sweden
  • Marble 4420
  • Reinterpretation of the original Josef Frank pattern by Monica Förster and Björn Kusoffsky
  • 2011
  • Exhibits: table items.

Svenskt Tenn invited Monica Förster and Björn Kusoffsky to reinterpret the legacy of Josef Frank. They selected the pattern Marble 4420 by Josef Frank. The fluid pattern is radically different from his other designs of flora and is said to have been inspired by a meeting with Jackson Pollock’s art in New York. Monica Förster and Björn Kusoffsky created a unique installation of handcrafted items, trays and a film that delves deeper into Joseph Frank’s world. Marble 4420 was shown in an exhibition at Svenskt Tenn.

#03 OneLab
  • OneLab
  • Smarter corporate health
  • Brand Identity and packaging concept
  • 2000
  • Exhibits: screen content and table items.

OneLab believes that health, the work environment and profitability are interconnected. OneLab creates modern business health solutions aimed at companieswho want their staff to feel good, develop and perform at a top-level. Their health analysis is simple and safe to carry out and allows a minimal level of participation.The results are detailed feedback with clear statistics and concrete measurements – that are beneficial to both employer and employees.

#04 Vårdapoteket
  • Vårdapoteket
  • Pharmacies chain in Sweden
  • Brand Identity
  • 2000
  • Exhibits: table items and acryllic print.

In 2010, the Swedish Government’s privatisation of state-run retail pharmacies included the sale of 24 outpatient pharmacies at hospitals and healthcare facilities. The purchaser, a pair of private equity firms, had a unique asset on their hands: a small chain of shops with, thanks to their locations, built-in credibility and an almost captive market.

While other newly-formed pharmacy chains did battle on the high street for customers’ trust, Vårdapoteket was able to make the most of its unique position and locations. To add value to the asset and win a return on their investment, the client partners were willing to be brave. They looked to SDL to create something special from their small pharmacy chain: a brand and a destination to remember.

#05 Marker
  • Marker
  • Biotech company
  • Holistic brand experience and naming
  • 2000
  • Exhibits: screen content.

Marker is a biotech company utilizing the latest medical advances in biomarkers and treatment to detect, measure and treat numerous medical conditions early.Their signature products include the world’s first clinical test to detect traumatic brain injuries (concussions) and a device to treat life-threatening inflammation. The company was developed out of research conducted in the UK and technology developed on the west coast of the USA.

SDL was assigned to develop the a holistic brand experience from scratch by developing name, brand platform, visual identity and digital presence. Please find more information about the new brand on

sdl-web-vardapoteket-collage-08-2480x1748-2000x1410 sdl-web-vardapoteket-collage-08-2480x1748-2000x1410

The website is currently a beta version.

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