Tin cans / Fast food

Tin cans / Fast food

#01 Ikea Food
  • Ikea Food
  • World’s largest furniture retailer, Sweden
  • Food packaging design system
  • 2010
  • Exhibits: table items.

Removing every last scrap of unnecessary information and decoration, SDL were able to bring some typically IKEA-like simplicity, clarity, consistency and a sprinkling of wit to the growing IKEA Food range. SDL’s can for its own-brand sprats won gold at the Cannes Design Lions Awards in 2012, and SDL has now designed packaging for more than 100 IKEA Food products. The IKEA Food range is now available around the world.

#02 Vispera
  • Vispera
  • Coffee brand, Sweden
  • Brand identity and packaging
  • 2015
  • Exhibits: table items.

Coffee roasted in a Swedish plant founded in 1891, which has been Royal Purveyor to His Majesty since Gustav V’s time. Brand identity and horizontal tins with patterns inspired by the Colombian heritage.

#03 Panini Internazionale
  • Panini Internazionale
  • Food chain, Sweden
  • Corporate identity
  • 2012
  • Exhibits: table items.

Panini, a Swedish food chain with the aim to redefine the concept of fast food, was given a brand platform and visual identity expressing how they passionately believe that ‘fast food’ can be fresh and healthy.

A new logotype, an additional symbol and a wide range of green shades, detailed patterns and graphic elements created a flexible toolbox that could be easily applied across all brand touch points, a storefront programme, packaging, sales material and interior design. In this culinary case, faster means better – for everyone.

#04 Colorfield
  • Colorfield
  • Healthy food retail chain, Sweden
  • Brand Identity
  • 2019
  • Exhibits: table items.

Colorfield exists to bring food with a purpose. Eating colorful food is not only pleasing to the eye, it’s also healthier. Colorful fruit and vegetables are the richest in certain vitamins and minerals that can act as antioxidants. Antioxidants block harmful chemical reactions caused by oxidation. In other words, consuming enough of all micronutrients, especially those with antioxidant properties, help us to preserve our health and youth.

#05 East
  • East
  • Asian fusion restaurant, Sweden
  • Identity
  • 1991-2017
  • Exhibits: table items.

East is a dynamic encounter with Asia and a remix of pan-Asian cuisine. The influences come from various crafts and traditions from Vietnam, Thailand and Korea, but also from Peru and South Africa.

#06 Max Burgers
  • Max Burgers
  • Hamburger chain, Sweden
  • Retail pitch
  • 2015
  • Exhibits: table items.

Redefining the fast food experience and simplifying the graphic identity, a hamburger hidden in the letter A became SDL’s Fed-Ex moment. A modular system for architecture was also presented for the client who decided not to go ahead with the proposal.

Sdl_Web_Colorfield_Symbol_Fruits_1920x1080 Sdl_Web_Colorfield_Symbol_Fruits_1920x1080

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