About Shenzhen

About Shenzhen

Shenzhen is the first special economic zone established after China's reform and opening. As one of the most developed first-tier cities in China, it is also one of the most important special economic zones. Shenzhen has always been a place of immigration, with an average age of 33 and a city population of 23 million, makes Shenzhen the youngest city in China.

Shenzhen, known as the city of design, city of piano, city of design, and city of science and technology, has always been well-known for the leading place in the national science& technology industry and innovation ability. It is an international innovation city. Shenzhen ranks the top in the number of invention patents per 10,000 people in all Chinese cities in the mainland.

After 35 years of rapid development, Shenzhen has become an important node for China to communicate with the world, one of the most dynamic and internationally competitive cities in the Asia-Pacific region, and the youngest internationalized city in the Asia-Pacific region.

On the other side of internationalization and urbanization, Shenzhen has a large number of downtown villages. The downtown villages are not only existing in Shenzhen, however, Shenzhen's downtown villages are well-known throughout the country. According to the data of Shenzhen Housing and Construction Bureau, there are about 1700 downtown villages in Shenzhen.

All these special and rich urban features constitute today's unique Shenzhen.

  • Total retail sales of social consumer goods exceeded 500 billion yuan.
  • Total land area: 2020 square kilometers
  • More than 350 listed companies and two-thirds of the world's top 500 enterprises have branches in Shenzhen.
  • The urban population is 23 million, with an average age of 33 years (the youngest first-tier city)
  • The number of motor vehicles exceeds 3.2 million, with the highest density in the country.
  • Per capita GDP exceeded 180,000yuan/year, ranking first in the country.
Characteristics of Shenzhen

City of internalization: 200 of World Top 500 enterprises settle in Shenzhen, new immigrants make up over 95% of the total population, makes Shenzhen extremely inclusive and diverse.

City of science and technology: Shenzhen has more than 30,000 high-tech enterprises, including the internet giant Tecent, telecom giant Huawei, the world's largest genomics research and development organization BGI, and the world's largest manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles DJ-Innovations.

City of design: Shenzhen has gathered more than 100,000 creative designers from all over the world, five national industrial design centers, 15 provincial industrial design centers and 71 municipal industrial design centers, bringing direct economic benefits.

City of parks: City's forest coverage reaches 40.68%, the green coverage reaches 45.1%, community parks within 500 meters, urban comprehensive parks within 2 kilometers, forest country parks within 5 kilometers to every citizen.

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