SDL brand design masterpiece——Scandinavian Airlines SAS
  • SAS Airline, Scandinavia
  • SAS Snowflake Low-cost airline, Scandinavia
  • Corporate identity
  • 2003
  • Exhibits: screen content, table items and aircraft scale model.

The Scandinavian Airlines SAS project was the opportunity for the establishment of SDL 20 years ago. The whole project started around a question——How to distinguish an airline from other 5,000 airlines in the world?


From here, SDL created a comprehensive corporate image for SAS: from brand LOGO and complete plane painting design to small details everywhere that one can see on the plane such as the cup, cushion and little sugar packet. An attractive, full-scale, content-oriented Scandinavia style (a modern style, combining modern design thoughts and traditional design culture, paying attention not only to practical functions of the product but also to human factors in design, avoiding excessively stereotyped and rigorous geomentry, thus generating a kind of modern art aesthetics full of "human interest") ruled SAS, e.g., "SAS poems" on various packets on the plane (The two lines of verse on the little sugar packet must keep you thinking about all the way), windows in the washroom of the plane, the closet where you can exchange clothes, the soft home-style sofa, and the new colors, scripts and images……With well-rounded prize-winning design projects created through the years, SDL completed the re-design of over 2,500 items, built a valiant, light and bright new image of the airline and promoted aviation branding to a new level, all of which are regarded as the new baseline of aviation industry.


Endless Scandinavian values aroused designs across time dimension to upgrade SAS brand and build it into strong assets. The design life of SAS products was extended more than twice. Until now, the designs are still not left behind by the fashion trend. 

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