#01 Volvo Cars
  • Volvo Cars
  • Vehicle manufacturer, Sweden
  • Identity redesign
  • 2014
  • Exhibits: screen content, table items and prints.

The first Volvo car rolled off the production line in Sweden in 1927, and ever since then, Volvo Cars (acquired by Geeley Holding of China in 2010) has been a world-leader in safety technology and innovation, with a global multi-brand presence. The company’s corporate and brand strategy ‘Designed Around You’ puts people at the core of everything the company does and provides a foundation and guide for the business, the products and the corporate culture. Volvo Cars’ position as a premium car brand and its Swedish heritage have both been key in SDL’s strategic design collaboration with Volvo and when developing the holistic brand identity. The work has included development of the brand identity guidelines and an update of the iconic iron mark.

#02 NIO Formula E team
  • NIO Formula E team
  • Electric car company, China
  • Visual identity and livery design
  • 2018
  • Exhibits: table items and prints.

NIO, a Chinese car manufacturer founded in 2014, has competed in the FIA Formula E championship sinceits inception. In 2018, NIO established themselves as a digitally rooted and progressive brand. When approach-ing the 2018/2019 season of the FIA ABB Formula E Championship, SDL was assigned to develop a visual identity system conveying all aspects of the NIO Formula E Team, implemented for car livery, garage, driver race kits, team apparel, merchandise, digital, social, stationery and communication. By combining the introduction of a new futuristic car, the Gen2, with the vision of creating a brighter tomorrow, SDL formed “Stratosphere” – a design concept based on performance, innovation and the space protecting us from the sun. The concept extends to provide a dynamic scheme of gradients resulting in a bright, pure and sophisticated expression that resonates with the forward-focused ambitions of the NIO brand.

#03 Polestar
  • Polestar
  • Electric cars performance brand, Sweden
  • Holistic visual identity
  • 2017
  • Exhibits: screen content, table items and prints.

The Polestar brand was born from the desire to explore how racing technology could be applied to the performance of Volvo street cars. The successful collaboration, along with Chinese owner Geely’s plans to meet new market demands, resulted in the establishment of Polestar as an independent brand that designs, develops and builds world-leading electrical high performance drives. SDL was approached by Polestar to develop and elevate the brand allowing it to become a credible competitor in the rapidly expanding global market for electrified high performance drives, that offer cars to the world’s most demanding, pro-gressive drivers of all market segments. The scope of assignment included the development of a holistic visual identity. The target group isn’t seeking traditional luxury, not even today’s versions of luxury. They seek the paradoxes of discretion and experiences, of choice and absolute fluency, individuality and the sake of the community. The fundamental idea of the Polestar brand experience is a redefining approach, to constantly relate to the time it serves yet staying confidently consistent in expression and execution. Polestar is the given name, the star is what they are. A symbol that represents a constant search for pure, premium performance – always with the product as the hero. A differentiating marking system was developed to be used for product identification as well as a typographic setting when creating headlines in communication, text groups and information texts.

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