#01 Moderna Museet Museum
  • Moderna Museet Museum
  • Corporate identity
  • 2012
  • Exhibits: screen content, table items, prints and neon sign.

This cool handwritten signature LOGO like a street fashion belongs to Swedish Modern Museum (MM). It is very special among those of numerous galleries and museums, similar to the LOGO of the Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA (MOMA). Being one of the best museums of modern art in the world, Swedish Modern Museum has become famous for holding many well received exhibitions such as Picasso, Marcel Duchamp and American Pop Art. 


In earlier stage of the project, SDL considered a LOGO which imitates the linear appearance of MM and also clearly shows the characteristics of Skeppsholmen culture. Later, SDL tried many ideas and even thought of double "M" from the McDonald's name or a golden arch. Finally, an "Existing Product"——the cover of MM 25th anniversary (1983) Booklet designed by Robert Rauschenberg, a famous contemporary artist who had a long intercourse with MM, gave SDL the inspiration.


The handwritten signature “ModernaMuseet” by Rauschenberg is striking and full of tension, showing the process of artistic creation and the concept about authenticity in art world. The LOGO resonates with the past of the Modern Museum and corresponds to the role of the museum——holding exhibitions such as Rauschenberg and the Pop Art Movement in the 1960s. For over a decade, this signature type LOGO has allowed MM to return to the territory of modern art and has been applied to the design of various peripheral products. 

#02 Spritmuseum
  • Spritmuseum Museum, Sweden
  • Corporate identity
  • 2010
  • Exhibits: screen content, table items and prints.

Sweden is a country which loves wine and wine culture, as evidenced by it owning a museum about wine. The LOGO of Spirt Museum was inspired by a structure similar to a cocktail cup on the facade of the building. SDL tactfully extracted this structure as the LOGO of the museum and added a light over the structure of the original building, making the symbol of the museum look like a cocktail cup standing in the city. 

sdl-web-moderna-museet-06-2000x1333-2000x1333 sdl-web-moderna-museet-06-2000x1333-2000x1333

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