About the World Class Bay Area

About the World Class Bay Area

World Class Bay Area| Circled by Seven CBDs
Metropolitan Resorts

Within the 10-minute drive gathers Shenzhen's most famous tourist destinations, attracting more than 50 million tourists annually. The surrounding area of the project is not only the core CBD area but also gathers Windows of the World, Happy Valley, OCT Harbour, Mangrove Coastal Park, Shenzhen Bay Park, 15kilometer-Coastal Corridor, and other scenic spots. This project is located at one of the best positions for these resorts and expected to become the absolute gateway of Shenzhen metropolitan resorts.

Shenzhen Bay Headquarters

The project is about 6 kilometers away from Shenzhen Bay headquarters, covering 117.40 hectares with a total construction area about 4.5-5.5 million square meters. The leading functionality will be based on the top official business from headquarters office at the various kinds of industry chains, and supplemented by serving the international conference, exhibition, cultural communication, information exchange, business and apartment functions as well.


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