Alexander Us

B Born in Russia

W Now works and lives in Russia



Sila Sveta is an interactive media, turnkey production and conceptual design company based in Moscow and Los Angeles. Sila Sveta, which translates from Russian as “Power of Light”, was founded by Alexander Us and Alexey Rozov in Moscow in 2008 and now, approaching its 10th anniversary. The team has more than 70 employees. Committed to transcend the existing possibilities of digital media, Sila Sveta aims to create immersive experiences that “bring magic into the world”. The studio is engaged in the development and implementation of creative concepts, interactive installations, event and art projects, production of multimedia content and bespoke software development. Sila Sveta is a provider of professional technical solutions related to projection systems, lighting equipment and immersive visualization. Their portfolio includes immersive experiences, virtual reality shows, 3D projection mapping on landmark buildings, stage design for concerts and music festivals including Coachella, and grand museum installations, such as “Mission Mars” for Space Center Houston. They use their high-end technologies to turn dance performances into the dreamiest spectacles (‘America’s Got Talent’ in 2016 or award-winning ‘Levitation’ piece). The studio also operates in a number of other directions, constantly elaborating new ways of using light, and collaborates with some of the world’s biggest brands, including Audi, BMW, Panasonic, Samsung.

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