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AnotherFarm (Hiromi Ozaki [Sputniko!], Masaya Kushino and Kensho Tambara) is an art collective consisting of artists Hiromi Ozaki (Sputniko!), Masaya Kushino, and Kensho Tambara, founded in 2018. Working with newly discovered mediums, AnotherFarm explores the limits and extremes of human intervention in nature. Works have been shown at Nature: Collaborations in Design (2019, Cooper Hewitt Museum & Cube Design Museum), Ars Electronica Center (2019), and Triennale di Milano (2019).

屏幕快照 2019-11-13 09.23.55
屏幕快照 2019-11-13 09.23.55

40 Years of Humanizing Technology Art, Technology, Society


C Future Lab works with Austria Ars Electronica, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Design Society and Silkroad to launch the great exhibition of “40 Years of Humanizing Technology - From Ars to Shenzhen”.

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