Jonas Pettersson

B Born in Sweden

W Now works and lives in Sweden



Jonas Pettersson co-founded the studio with John Löfgren shortly after graduating from university. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Linneuniversitetet design school in Kalmar, Pettersson has worked hands on with some of the most influential brands and companies in Scandinavian and international design. Today, Pettersson acts as Form Us With Love’s primary business-orientated design strategist and is heavily engaged with the studio’s venture projects. Form Us With Love is the international design studio founded in 2005. Since its conception, the studio has burned with a passion for design and its democratic potential. Its belief is that we all have a right to meaningful design. At the studio’s core lies in a process that blends traditional creative practices with a lean, strategic application. The central intention is to evolve with the needs of each project, its place in the market and the ever-changing needs of real people.

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