B Born in Germany

W Now works and lives in Germany

W https://quadrature.co

Quadrature’s artistic research focuses on data and physical experiments. The Berlin based duo by Juliane Götz and Sebastian Neitsch pursues a transdisciplinary approach, using various media such as time-based performance and installation as well as classical sculptural and two-dimensional works. For some years now, they have been focusing specifically on the methods and stories around space exploration.

屏幕快照 2019-11-13 09.23.55
屏幕快照 2019-11-13 09.23.55

40 Years of Humanizing Technology Art, Technology, Society


C Future Lab works with Austria Ars Electronica, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Design Society and Silkroad to launch the great exhibition of “40 Years of Humanizing Technology - From Ars to Shenzhen”.

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