Ruth Perednik

B Born in United Kingdom

W Now works and lives in United Kingdom


An Israeli child psychologist born in the UK, Ruth Perednik is a pioneer in selective mutism.

Over the past 20 years, Ruth has been specializing in the treatment of children and teens suffering from selective mutism and other anxieties. She developed an innovative treatment approach based on cognitive behavioral science, which has successfully relieved thousands of children of mutism. 

In addition to providing psychological and behavioral intervention to selective mutism patients in her clinics in the UK and Israel, Ruth offers online consultation to global children and families.


When a person talks and laughs freely in front of friends and relatives but keeps silent in the face of strangers, it is called selective mutism.

For selective mutism patients, as long as they are not in their comfort zones, it will be difficult for them to open their hearts and even more so to communicate with others. It is not because they do it willingly, but because they have not got enough attention since childhood.

Changing that requires our effort starting from subtle actions, from listening to those around us, from paying attention to our friends. It might bring small changes to them, allowing them to live more happily with more freedom.

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