Ryan Bukstein

B Born in United States

W Now works and lives in United States

W http://www.acehotel.com/


Ryan Bukstein is the Vice President of Brand at Ace Hotel Group where he oversees the brand strategy of all Ace Hotel properties. A graduate of Seattle's University of Washington Business School, Bukstein first began working with Neverstop — an Ace-affiliated event marketing company. In 2006, Bukstein joined the Ace family and has since been a key member of the development team — heading up the PR and marketing teams in developing innovative, meaningful and experimental event marketing and social media strategies. Ace Hotel is a well-known chain of hotels. Each Ace Hotel is rebuild base on abandoned buildings, and each of them are just well explained the splendid local cultural, which is the reason that Ace Hotel attracts visitors all over the world, Just like its self-introduction: Ace Hotel is a friendly place, continually new.

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