Ban Luo

B Born in China

W Now works and lives in China


Banluo, founder of Wordless Trekking in Thorough Exploration of Your Heart, has developed 24 9-10 day wordless trekking trails in China. With important historical and cultural nodes, the trails accompany Chinese young people to learn about themselves and feel the greatness of China in their trekking.

He once served as a naval aviation officer in North Sea Fleet and in East Sea Fleet. Since his first trekking in junior middle school, it has taken him 27 years to trek to 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of China. He has stayed more than one month in most of the provinces. Since 2011, he has led tens of thousands of people to trek on the Chinese land.

Over the past few years, he has studied the influence of the National Trails System on the U.S., particularly on American young people, as well as the deep influence of the migration of the National Southwest Associated University on the students. He hopes to accompany young people to feel our country through wordless trekking.


As a trekker, he is like the other trekkers, spending dozens of years to measure the land. And yet he is different in some ways. He gathers his strength in his soul and steps. He treks wordlessly, in other words, he does not talk or take photos during trekking.

At the conference, he shared with us his thoughts on his wordless trekking trails and his encounter of the history and humanity in his wordless trekking along the border between China and Vietnam a few days ago.

For Banluo, wordless trekking is a brand new way to measure the land and talk to himself. Through this form of trekking, he feels the power granted by the land and rediscovers the true self-recognition.

“Hope that as you walk on the Chinese land, you walk to yourself and to the future.”

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TEDxShenzhen 1st Annual Conference “Wonder”

2019.12.01 Sunday 09:30-18:00

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