Ge Qingfei

B Born in China


He has been dedicating to basic education research over the ten years. In light of the present educational weaknesses, he has developed a set of new teaching concepts that break through the prevalent subject- and grade-based teaching approach by connecting the knowledge of different subjects on the bottom level, allowing children to understand the world from an integral perspective.

In recent years, he has gradually formed an integrated all-set and all-subject teaching system that covers from primary school to Grade 3 of high school through the cooperation and testing of hundreds of children. His innovative education concept has drawn attention from a number of media outlets. He was successfully nominated by CCTV program “Era of Dreams”, making himself a representative of brand innovation of Chinese enterprises.


With more than ten years’ experience in education, Ge Qingfei says that 90% of the children are able to find their feeling for learning as long as their method is right. Based on cognitive linguistics and by combining different subjects, he has developed a new learning method through practice, that is, all-subject integration. In the method, the knowledge points of each subject are integrated into children’s own experience to return knowledge to physical experience, and then children grasp the knowledge through metaphors.

Instead of stringing them to teach children, all-subject integration is about converting the knowledge points in each subject into children’s experience for them to comprehend and integrate themselves.

As both a parent and an educator, he says, “We are both cultivating our children and growing together with them.”

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TEDxShenzhen 1st Annual Conference “Wonder”

2019.12.01 Sunday 09:30-18:00

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