Han Nong

B Born in China

W Now works and lives in China


He is an organic agricultural expert and founder of Teshi’s industrialization mode of ecological circulation organic agriculture (ECOA).

As one of China’s first entrepreneurs engaging in the systematic research and practice of ecological organic agriculture, Han Nong and his science team, driven by the mission of transforming the chemical agricultural production mode causing environmental pollution and consumption of non-renewable resources, have spent 10 years and tens of millions of yuan completing the industrialization technology system of ECOA.

Over more than 10 years of exploration and experiment, the solution has become a world-leading industrialization solution of ECOA with seven national patents and more than 20 innovative technologies. The successful popularization of the technology will substantially improve soil and food quality and solve world-level problems such as environmental pollution. 



“Carbon emission” has become a global topic in environmental issues. The decomposition of the agricultural waste straws has also generated massive CO2 emission. The straws produced from one mu (about 666.67 m2) of land will generate an amount of CO2 roughly equal to the CO2 emission of a car in one year (1.03 tons).

Han Nong and his team have “cultivated” on the land for 10 years. Using innovative microbial technology, they have successfully raised the carbon sequestration of straws in soil from 30% to 50%, which means that the CO2 emission of straws on one mu of land has been reduced from 1.03 tons to 734 kg. At the same time, they have achieved the goal of improving soil at a fast speed with low costs.

According to Han Nong, they have made a small step in the past 10 years. He hopes that more people will join in the mission to change the present chemical agricultural production mode that is posing threat to the ecological environment and reduce CO2 emission.

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