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Michael Rosenblum is a chef, writer and environmentalist. He served as Executive Chef and Official Residence Manager to two ambassadors of the United States Embassy in China. He was selected as one of the 100 most influential people in China in 2016 by the Food and Wine magazine. Since his first contact with Chinese cuisine at the age of 15 in the U.S., he has set off on a journey of exploring the Chinese food culture. To further explore into Chinese culture, he studied in Cornell University and obtained the Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in East Asian Language Studies. Subsequently, he completed the Master’s Degree in Chinese Language Studies in Tsinghua University. He has been to China three times, traveling to different places, studying and teasing out traditional Chinese culinary techniques. He is one of the few foreign chefs who have been certified as senior Chinese pastry chefs, Chinese cooks and tea art specialists.

Rosenblum persists in taking food as his dream and art. He believes that food culture is not bound by borders and seeks to bring out the original nature and taste of food.


For the gourmet Rosenblum, food is able to connect human hearts just like other art forms.

When he learned to cook Chinese dishes, he was told numerous times, “You don’t understand Chinese culture because your root is not here.” But he didn’t buy it. To find the “connection” with the Chinese people and dishes, he traveled in different places of China, observing and learning the methods of cooking authentic Chinese food. He visited many villages and even wet markets in China to go deep into the culture amid local life.

What makes your food unique? Neither your hometown nor your culture. It is your love for food and courage for trial that make it unique.

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