Sun Ling

B Born in China

W Now works and lives in United States


Born and growing up in a small village in Loudi, Hunan, Sun Ling was once forced to drop out at the age of 12. At 19, she failed the college entrance exam. She used to work as hairdresser apprentice and production worker.

She realized that she needed to change her life at 20. She used all her belongings to teach herself software programming and master English skills. With her 10 years of unremitting efforts, she was admitted to a university in the U.S.. Now she is working as a programmer in Google headquarters.


She earns the title “inspiring influencer” by the media for her legend of turning from a production worker to a senior engineer in the Silicon Valley.

At the conference today, she explained the basic philosophy under her inspiring legend - the amount of your resources determines the magnitude of your capacity and life is simply about solving problems and then creating more problems.

She does not think that she surpasses others in any aspect. She does not have any long-term goal either. Every decision she makes is based on whether it can solve a problem. In her view, “Take a step at a time and make a plan for the next” is not something bad.

 In the end, Sun Ling said, “If you fail to act on account of insufficient resources or immature conditions, you are just making an excuse.” You will not be able to make a good step unless you grasp opportunities, solve problems and make progress.

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TEDxShenzhen 1st Annual Conference “Wonder”

2019.12.01 Sunday 09:30-18:00

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