2017National Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week

Characteristic activities of 2017 national Shenzhen activities of national entrepreneurship and innovation week as well as the 3rdShenzhen Maker Week——international scientific and technological art exhibition and forum of C Future Lab was held in Zhongzhou Tower and Exhibition Center. This activity was sponsored by C Future Lab and gathered a lot of international scientific and technological elites as well as excellent teams with long term vision in science and technology, art, design, nature, and other fields through international scientific and technological exhibition of C Future Lab, scientific and technological summit, human-computer interactive science and technology concert and creator workshop, totally four series of activities, putting on a scientific and technological art feast of “Future Experiment on Science x Art x City Space”.

Theme Exhibition—Present Future City Space

Maywa Denki

This scientific and technological exhibition displayed works from many top art as well as scientific and technological institutes, with the conference hall in the daily office space of Shenzhen for deeper cross-border integrated development, making science, technology and art not restricted within museums any more but walking toward the public space, releasing science, technology and art from science museum and art museum, integrating them into commercial space of Futian CBD area, enabling every common Shenzhen people to be inspired by science, technology and art in daily working space.

The exhibition institutes and individuals on-site include the most subversive but fun Maywa Denki in Japan design and music circle, teamLab which builds the world Top Ten Must-see Exhibitions, new media technology institute TASKO with the most unrestricted innovation in Japan, Today Art Museum which is called as the pioneer of China’s modern art museums, China’s cutting-edge scientific and technological art team UFO Media Lab, media artist Wang Yang, youth media artist Liu Yaoyao, etc. The exhibited works included human-computer interactive scientific and technological music, fantasies on the future, new media interactive devices, etc. Immersing type experience, the feast of voice and vision, cross-media interaction and information art processing, the overlapping of virtuality and reality, the interaction between human and computer, and various other new media art works of different types bring brand new exhibition visit experience to the visitors. There is interaction zone on-site, and the visitors can experience the works personally closely, which not only changes their view on the city space but also changes their experience forms.

Forum—Collide with Future Wisdom Trans-boundary

Elites gathered together in the scientific and technological forum. The forum was hosted by Lv Hua, deputy general manager of Business Management Company of Zhongzhou Group, and Takuya Takei, director of Asia of Japan top media art team teamLab, John Stoddard, international famous design thought expert, NovmichiTosa, one of the founders of Maywa Denki art team, Deng Weijian, founder of Quad, Yan Yang, deputy curator of Today Art Museum were invited to attend and give note speech, and to have in-depth discussion how science, technology and art redefine the connotation of “city” and “humanity” , how to clear up the border among art works through digital art, how the art walks out from the artists’ studios and become art derivatives reachable for all of us, and how art design affects future city design, etc. The wisdom and thought of global scientific and technological artists collided together, promoted science, technology, city space of Shenzhen to have cross-field collision and exchange, and further improved the competitiveness and international influence of Shenzhen industries.

Human-computer Concert—Interaction Plays the Future Movement
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Human-computer interaction scientific and technological concert was carried out, with the music performance conducted by the band composed of human and robots, to discuss the border between human and machine. Besides, the concert is held regularly. On the site of human-robot scientific and technological concert, the flower shape xylophone able to open and close in performance amazed the audience; the music instrument with the wooden fish started by finger snapping was also unique, with open and close type wing device installed on the back as well both high and low tones; Driving the Piano brought functional transformation by using piano, driving device, wood board, and other tools as well rotation, enabling everyone to play piano easily; a mechanical band creating sentimental space with the precision of machinery and the high sense of music became one of the most popular musical mechanical Instruments.

Creator Workshop—Create Future Scientific and Technological Art

In front of future, it is better to experience rather than wait. C Future Lab shall invite first class scientific and technological teams to gather together during the activities. The on-site teams not only enjoy relatively high reputation in the global scientific and art field, but also the frequent guests of Maker Faire, including Maywa Denki, teamLab, TASKO, Today Art Museum, UFO Media Lab, and other international famous art teams together with domestic and overseas creators for study and experiments as well as workshop activities for three days, and study the specific

topic of scientific and technological art centrally and deeply. The discussion result shall be published publicly after the activities are finished.




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C Future Lab国际科技艺术主题展览


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The Birth and Direction of Creativity

2017.07.08 Saturday 15:50-17:50

The C Future Lab - Supernova Science and Art Forum themed “The Birth and Direction of Creativity” was successfully held in the Multi-function Hall of Longgang Innovation Institute, Shenzhen University, in the Software Town of Universiade, Longgang District, Shenzhen, 15:50-17:50 on July 8, 2017. A supernova is a powerful explosion of a star that has reached the end of its life. The burst of super high energy within short time generates huge pressure, energy and elements, driving the birth of a new galaxy/star.

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TASKO The Strange Toolbox”, TASKO’s first solo exhibition in China


The world’s pursuit of technology today is undoubtedly a proof of the Technological Determinism as proposed by the economist Thorstein Veblen nearly a century ago. For example, we have spanned the times of travelling across mountains and oceans from riding a bike and then driving a car to flying a plane. As humans are pushed forward by their own creativity, they are changing the way to measure the world.

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